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Accountant - Accounting Firm

Accountant - Accounting Firm is an independent Polish provider of professional accounting and tax services for Polish and foreign companies, as well as services involving performance of duties of a Taxable Person's Tax Representative, payroll and management accounting.

Our offer is targeted at businesses operating in all sectors of the economy, including large corporations, family businesses, and sole proprietors.

With our knowledge and qualifications, we build our relationships with Clients through rendering our services on the basis of top quality, transparency and accountability principles.

We strive to gain recognition for our Firm as one of the best reputable firms on the Polish market to provide outsourced accounting, consulting and management services.

We build our Firm's reputation with the quality of our operations, our knowledge and experience.

Bookkeeping - the full range of bookkeeping services, Tax Book of Incomes and Expenditures and auxiliary services.
Payroll - managing and keeping comprehensive personnel records and payroll handling services, ongoing consultancy on matters related to remuneration and personnel affairs.
Tax services - we offer a wide range of tax services. Our clients provide far-reaching assistance in resolving their complicated tax matters.
VAT Representation in Poland - we provide tax representation services for companies based outside the European Union mainly from Switzerland, USA and China.

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We are a dynamically expanding, Polish accounting firm. We have many years of experience in bookkeeping operators and a wide range of experience in this field. Our purpose is to help achieve the full potential of our customers.


We provide professional services in bookkeeping, tax services and payroll for polish companies and foreign firms doing business in Poland.


Accountant - Kancelaria Rachunkowa
ul. M. Kopernika 8/18
00-367 Warszawa
Tel: 505-444-572
e-mail: biuro@kancelaria-accountant.pl