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Our Accounting Firm provides an extensive range of payroll handling services. Our offer includes submission of complete documentation to the Social Security Agency (ZUS) concerning mandatory social security and health insurance, preparation of payroll in accordance with applicable legislation, work and remuneration regulations, preparing notices of incomes earned by employees, advances charged for income tax (PIT-4), social security and health insurance payments.

The complete scope of payroll and auxiliary services includes the following modules:

Registration, payroll listings

  • registration of the employer and employees for social security and health insurance purposes;
  • preparation of complete documentation concerning mandatory social security and health insurance; submission of notification forms and deregistration notices concerning payers and insureds to the Social Security Agency;
  • calculation of salaries for employees working on the basis of regular employment contracts, civil law contracts (assignment contracts, contracts for a specific job), management contracts, preparation of corresponding personal income tax accounts (PIT-4) and settlements of social security and health insurance payments according to applicable legislation, work and remuneration regulations, taking into consideration relevant variable data;
  • preparation and clearing of remuneration for Members of the Management Board and Supervisory Boards, both residents and non-residents covered by Polish or foreign social security schemes;
  • preparation of payroll listings, remuneration and cost reports according to the required criteria for all types of remuneration;
  • remuneration budgeting and planning.


Reports, declarations and notices

  • sending relevant insurance documents and declarations to the Social Security agency concerning contributions charged on salaries and other payments made to employees;
  • preparation of monthly reports for employees (RMUA forms);
  • preparation and submission of declarations to the Tax Office, the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON);
  • communicating the amounts of public liabilities (advances for personal income tax, amounts of social security and health insurance payments);
  • submission of monthly notices for employees concerning remuneration components and social security payments - payslips;
  • submission of reports to the Central Statistical Office;
  • preparation of reports according to a form agreed with the client.


Annual settlements

  • preparation of information concerning incomes earned by employees and advances charged for income tax (PIT-11, PIT-40) at the end of each consecutive calendar year;
  • preparation of monthly and annual tax declarations and information - PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT-1R, IFT-2R and others, sending to offices and taxable persons.


Associated services

  • ongoing consultancy on matters related to remuneration and personnel affairs;
  • cooperation with inspectors, controllers, auditors and financial analysts;
  • representing the client before tax offices, tax authorities, social security agency and other institutions;
  • preparing salary accounts and reports according to a predefined scheme and cost structure;
  • issuing certificates of remuneration, employment and earnings;
  • handling inspections by the Social Security Agency, the Tax Office, the State Labour Inspection;
  • reviewing correctness of salary calculation and keeping of payroll records;
  • estimating provisions for employee benefits;
  • storage of payroll records and data in safe locations and formats, guaranteeing full confidentiality and compliance with the law.