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HR records cover the entire range of documentation kept by employer in relation to employment relations. There are multiple obligations imposed by applicable labour laws in this respect and therefore, our Firm offers an extensive range of personnel services. Our offer comprises managing and keeping comprehensive personnel records in accordance with applicable Polish labour legislation, monitoring compliance and accuracy of the entire recruitment process, regular consultancy on personnel matters, as well as the ability to use verified solutions and forms of HR documents.



The scope of HR services comprises:

  • management and keeping of comprehensive personnel documentation in accordance with applicable labour legislation in Poland;
  • setting up and keeping personnel files of employees and documentation related to employment in accordance with the Labour Code;
  • personnel files administration;
  • setting up and regularly updating the HR database for employees and contractors working on the basis of civil law contracts;
  • preparation of documents related to employment, employment contracts, civil law contracts, changes in employment conditions, and other personnel documents related to commencement, advancement and termination of employment, as required under the Labour Code;
  • monitoring validity of periodical medical checks, communicating the need to update (issuing relevant referrals for medical examination);
  • planning health, safety and fire protection trainings;
  • recording and clearing of used holidays, other absences and work interruptions (special occasion holidays, unpaid leave, parental leave, maternal leave, doctor's certificates, etc.);
  • keeping and updating social security registers concerning personal data of employees and employer;
  • issuing certificates of employment and salary, certificates confirming employment;
  • keeping remuneration records, working time registration;
  • preparation of HR reports and statements;
  • handling civil law contracts;
  • consulting on setting up or modification of internal regulations, including remuneration regulations;
  • consulting on personnel affairs;
  • representing the client during inspection and control procedures by State offices, authorities and institutions (State Labour Inspection, Social Security Agency, Tax Office);
  • preparation and submission of statistical reports to the Central Statistical Office;
  • keeping documentation for allowance purposes;
  • gathering necessary employee records
  • issuance of certificates to employees and competent authorities;
  • cooperation on personnel affairs with supporting entities (healthcare establishments, State Labour Inspection, fire safety and H&S inspectors, training organizations);
  • storage of personnel records and data in safe locations and formats, guaranteeing full confidentiality and compliance with labour regulations;
  • representing the client in all communications with third party institutions, including ongoing clarification of any uncertainties regarding labour laws.