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Real Estate Management

Accountant - Accounting Firm provides expert residential and commercial real estate management and administration, primarily including Housing Cooperatives and Communities.

Real estates are managed and handled by licensed Real Estate Managers as well as our Financial and Accounting Service Department

The most important tasks performed within the scope of our services include:


In the field of real estate management:

  • representing the Members of the Cooperative / Owners of the Community before courts, enforcement authorities, State and local government administration, within the scope of applicable power of attorney;
  • keeping correspondence on behalf of Members/Owners with tenants (owners) of apartments and commercial premises as well as other parties to lease contracts, to the extent defined in the agreement;
  • signing and monitoring performance of utilities supply agreements for the property on behalf of the Cooperative/Community, monitoring proper performance of contract terms;
  • selection of contractors and service providers, preparing draft contracts and orders, negotiating conditions of works related to current handling of the property and project works;
  • preparing and commenting on resolutions, regulations and other legislative acts related to the functioning of the Cooperative/Community, such as: statute, resolutions, document flow instruction, parking lot regulations and other regulations;
  • organization of calls for proposals for service providers to the property;
  • preparing and convening reporting meetings concerning the Housing Cooperatives/Communities; submission of annual reports and financial statements concerning the managed property to the Management/Members of the Cooperative/Community;
  • reviewing the current needs and preparing material and financial plans related to ongoing maintenance and technical condition of the property;
  • exercising ongoing control over the property;
  • drafting renovation plans;
  • entering into service agreements related to performance of tasks, upon prior approval by the Management of the Cooperative / Owners of the Community; verifying proper performance of these agreements, termination of the agreements in reasonable circumstances in terms of economic conditions;
  • preparation of Management Plans (property management plans), accounting for analysis of operating and maintenance costs.


In the field of real estate administration:


I. Handling property maintenance

  • preparing an acceptance report to confirm acceptance of property administrator's duties as well as technical documentation (construction, as-built documentation, and building log), maintenance and financial records from the previous administrator/manager or owner of the real estate;
  • keeping and updating a list of premises and users, recording the legal and actual status of the property;
  • monitoring assurance of ongoing maintenance service of the property through reviewing the contracts signed for the property; service provider search;
  • keeping and retaining maintenance documentation concerning the property;
  • issuing certificates and documents for owners of premises concerning housing allowances, social service, etc.


II. Technical servicing of the property

  • keeping and updating the Building Log and engineering documentation of the property as required by the Building Code;
  • ensuring technical inspections and mandatory periodical reviews of the property and fitting-out, as well as assessment of the technical condition, determination and estimation of values of necessary investment activities (for renovation and modernization);
  • monitoring assurance of ongoing technical servicing of the property and safety requirement through searching for repair subcontractors to remedy any nonconformities;
  • monitoring maintenance service, ongoing renovation, failure security, technical inspection contractors;
  • keeping records of repairs and failures as well as notifications by Members of Housing Cooperatives / Owners of Housing Communities, specifying all the inhabitants' reports filed to the Administrator as well as the Administrator's course of action in order to handle the reports;
  • taking action to minimize the operating costs of the property through implementation of such organizational and engineering solutions which would reduce utilities consumption, implementing efficient policy with respect to rated power and utilities supply, tracking the market prices of services provided for the property, striving to maintain reasonable levels of service fees for contractors.


III. Financial and accounting services for the real estate

  • ongoing settlements of accounts of the real estates and their Members/Owners;
  • keeping records of revenues, costs and others, settlements for Housing Communities, or keeping accounting ledgers in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act for Housing Cooperatives;
  • preparation and implementation of accounting policies, including corporate chart of accounts (extending the existing chart of accounts according to current needs of the property) - applicable to Housing Cooperatives;
  • preparing regulations on utilities settlements (analysis of costs of utilities and services);
  • settlement of the costs of utilities on the basis of the regulations in force on the real properties;
  • charging and accounting for payments for the real properties;
  • verifying correctness of bills and invoices received from service providers, preparing payments for vendors/suppliers;
  • preparing documents necessary for payment of taxes, social security and other public fees and levies assignable to the real estate;
  • keeping PP&E and intangible asset registers, preparation of a depreciation schedule, depreciation write-downs, possible revaluation of PP&E;
  • keeping sales and purchase registers for VAT purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Tax on Goods and Services (VAT) Act;
  • monthly/quarterly calculation of taxable base and advance for income tax in accordance with applicable tax legislation;
  • preparing annual financial statements (information);
  • submission of reports to statistical offices of the State administration - the Central Statistical Office, other financial authorities and institution;
  • preparing periodical reports on costs of property maintenance and revenues earned;
  • notifying the Management/Owners of any arrears in payments due to the Housing Cooperative/Community, taking action to enforce the outstanding receivables;
  • preparing statements of turnovers and balances, reconciliations of balances with contract parties.


IV. HR & Payroll Services

  • calculation of salaries for employees working on the basis of regular employment contracts, civil law contracts (assignment contracts, contracts for a specific job), preparation of corresponding personal income tax accounts (PIT-4) and settlements of social security and health insurance payments according to applicable legislation, work and remuneration regulations, taking into consideration relevant variable data;
  • preparation of payroll listings, remuneration and cost reports according to the required criteria for all types of remuneration;
  • management and keeping of comprehensive personnel documentation in accordance with applicable labour legislation in Poland;
  • calculation of monthly advances for personal income tax;
  • sending declarations to the Social Security Agency ("Płatnik" software), Tax Office;
  • preparation of information concerning incomes earned by employees and advances charged for income tax and annual declarations (PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-37) at the end of each consecutive calendar year, submission to relevant offices and taxable persons.