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Business Consulting

Business consultancy services cover the complete range of services for companies in the course of establishing and for existing business operators. The Firm handles registration of new business operators, all aspects of enterprise formation processes, and consultancy arising from review of economic and financial situation of businesses. The scope of offered services not only includes purely legal activities but also development of appropriate business assumptions, conducting necessary analysis and research of the intended market of the operator, e.g. consulting on the choice of optimized taxation option for the Client's project. Our services are aimed at maximizing the business value for our Client.


The most important tasks performed within the scope of our services include:

  • setting up, transformation and dissolution of enterprises and sole-proprietor businesses;
  • registration of business entities;
  • preparation of documents and court resolutions;
  • participation and consulting on negotiations and commercial discussions, including but not limited to such aspects as real property trade, purchase and sale transactions, mergers, obtaining financing or debt restructuring;
  • risk analysis in signing contracts;
  • viability studies of contemplated investment projects, involving modern statistical and financial tools;
  • preparation and analysis of commercial/trading contracts;
  • consultancy on amalgamation and sale of businesses or separate parts of businesses;
  • preparation of financial and marketing analysis;
  • filling in credit and lease applications;
  • advice on business activity organization;
  • editing letters, applications, appeals;
  • preparation of working regulations, remuneration and bonus regulations, document flow systems;
  • preparing and implementing procedures for amalgamation and transformation of companies, joint ventures, mergers;
  • assessment of return ratios for implementation of a business project;
  • creating cost optimization structures in the organization;
  • business consultancy for foreign investors launching their operations in Poland;
  • representing the clients before the tax office, social security agency and other government authorities with regard to matters related to the clients' business activities;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • preparation of applications for EU co-financing, settlement of Community projects;
  • applying on behalf of the client for certificates of no arrears in tax payments;
  • managing the investment process in transactions;
  • preparing reports, assessments, reviews of economic and financial situation of businesses;
  • drawing up financial forecasts.